TRAITS Applications

TRAITS suite of products are primarily purchased and used as recruitment selection tools because of their unique ability to define what type and combination of behaviours are ideal for a specific role. Our personality assessment tool then measures each candidate traits and behaviors to objectively determine their fit to the job. “fit”.

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Despite the original intention with which they purchased the tools, however, clients often find they are able to expand their use of the TRAITS tools beyond recruitment into various other applications.  Once you’ve reviewed some of the other possible applications for TRAITS tools, contact us to talk about other ways in which these tools could be employed to your company’s unique reality.

Team Evaluations

What sets one team apart from another is often the combination of people. How do team members complement one another and where do they clash? Learn how to evaluate teams so that you bring the right people together on each project.

Talent Management

You’ve invested time and money in your employees, but how do you ensure you’re managing and motivating them in the best way? Learn about how proper talent management processes increase employee morale, decrease employee turnover, and improve job satisfaction company-wide.

Employee Development

Stimulating and building employee competencies is a critical component to ensuring your employees have the chance to grow to their full potential.  Discover how to effectively develop, train and lead individuals so that they grow into high performing team members.