Products are a strong leading edge for consultants that want to introduce themselves to new businesses and increase their credibility more quickly. The discussions become focused more quickly and a product like the Pro.file Performance System provides you with deep insight into the organization. The Pro.file personality tests and assessments allow consultants to give immediate, useful feedback to their prospects on their business issues.

Many people launch careers in consulting because they’ve built up an above-average body of knowledge, education or experience. As they build their first sales piece, they try to present the whole of their resume or capabilities to ensure any problem a prospect may have can be remedied by their consulting services. This lack of focus makes it difficult for prospects to see the value the consultant can provide their business.
Another challenge consultant’s face occurs when prospects don’t see the value in paying consulting fees to help them solve a problem, and instead simply take ideas generated from meetings or your proposal and have internal staff flesh out the details. There’s less reliance on you and more of an interest in exploring some ideas so they can simply do the work themselves.

Why be a Pro.file Agent?

The Pro.file Performance System technology provides consultants a unique opportunity to increase their own value in any organization or industry, leverage additional business within their existing client network, and grow their own consulting business. Pro.file personality assessment tests and results can be deployed in a wide variety of potential human resource/organizational development applications including: recruitment, selection, promotion, career development, performance management, leadership training and development, succession planning, and retention.

Pro.file allows consultants to not only differentiate themselves and increase their revenue; it also allows them to build an annuity income for their agency through the deployment of the Pro.file program over the long-term.

The owner and developer of the Pro.file Program, has built a strong core of consulting expertise in behavioral profiling for both positions and people over the past 21 years with entrepreneurial, corporate, and not-for-profit clients in a wide variety of industries in North America, Australia, and Europe.

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3.If there’s a good fit between your business and ours, we’ll build a small pilot you will be able to present to one of your clients to help them with one of their people problems. You’ll be able to experience first hand how your clients react and if it provides them good value.

4.You can continue to buy individual profiles from us or begin to explore becoming an Agent for Pro.file.

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