Larry Cipolla
Sales development begins with communication

A sales force assessment, that institutes 360 degree feedback, will guarantee that all team members are able to grow stronger.

November 16, 2012
Larry Cipolla
Employee engagement beneficial for entire companies

Leadership development can be aided through 360 degree feedback, as this provides an opportunity for employees to work with their immediate supervisor.

November 15, 2012
Larry Cipolla
360 assessments are beneficial to all team members

Perhaps the benefits, salary or professional opportunity were enough to snag that perfect employee, but how long that position will stay filled can often boil down to his or her relationship with an immediate supervisor.

November 14, 2012
Larry Cipolla
Create social cohesion with 360 degree feedback

Through 360 degree feedback, employees of all ages will be given appraisals that highlight their strengths and offer suggestions for where improvement can be made.

November 13, 2012
Larry Cipolla
Performance management is crucial, doesn't need to be negative

Members of the leadership teams do not want to be perceived as the bad guy, but at the same time, it’s crucial to not let underperformers consistently slide underneath the radar.

November 12, 2012
Larry Cipolla
360 evaluations pushes employees toward productivity

When it is simply assumed that an individual will figure out how to improve his or her performance, very little will be accomplished. With 360 degree feedback, though, employees will work with their immediate supervisor to create an action plan that will benefit themselves and the business.

November 9, 2012
Larry Cipolla
Leadership development necessary for organizations to move forward

With the 360 degree feedback process, businesses can create an environment where managers and all team members can find ways to improve together so the organization can thrive as a whole.

November 8, 2012
Mike Moreau
Apple vs. RIM - How Performance Orientation Impacts Organizations
November 8, 2012
Larry Cipolla
Using 360 feedback to benefit sales development

The business world especially needs to allow for a positive culture of engagement in order for any type of team building and success to occur. When sales teams are involved in a business, their development is often crucial for the overall betterment of an organization.

November 7, 2012
Larry Cipolla
How 360 degree feedback fuels open communication

With 360 feedback, team members can work directly with their immediate manager to see where their strengths lie and in what areas they can become even stronger contributors.

November 6, 2012