Comprehensive collaboration drives success

Two heads are better than one. It’s a simple strategy, but it’s one that works, especially in the business world.

Specifically, when it comes to employee evaluations, a well-rounded, two-way communication approach is key. With 360 degree feedback, employees and their immediate supervisor will be able to work together to find ways for each individual to become an even stronger contributor.

Also, this is an opportunity for team members to voice opinions on what changes can be made for them to have a positive impact on the company. While their current strengths will be highlighted in a 360 assessment, new ideas can also be bounced off of their supervisor and given a chance to grow into something tangible.

A recent article in Entrepreneur detailed the importance of collaboration. By themselves, ideas are idle and invisible. No one else knows about it – whether it can become something productive or not. Also, the article explained that without further input, the individual with the plan hasn’t had a chance to build it up to full strength.

There is also the other side of the coin, in that the idea is also bulletproof. Not that collaboration exists to destroy an employee’s thought process, but appraisals can give it a chance to become even stronger with new suggestions.

“So instead of sitting around with your idea, thinking about how pretty it is and how much you love it, start thinking about the people who can help you add some weight to your thinking,” the article said. “The doing: That’s the path toward special.”

The 360 degree feedback process helps the doing process. Whether it’s a single idea that an employee wants heard, or suggestions from a manager on how a team member can contribute even more to the business, this assessment format is critical.

Brenda MacLean