Larry Cipolla
April 19, 2013

It is unrealistic to think that businesses across all industries are exactly the same. Why then, is it assumed that all companies must follow the exact same action plan to become even stronger?

Regardless of an organization's size or the type of employees that work hard every day to make sure it succeeds, employee engagement surveys are beneficial. There are some critics who stand firm in the belief that team members will just be told of their shortcomings. The surveys are designed so managers can see who is not devoted and dole out the necessary punishments.

However, this is not true. By working with professionals at CCi Surveys International, your company can find new ways to flourish, without crushing employees in the process. With employee engagement surveys that have been created for your business' needs, it can be guaranteed that no one will feel singled out and all contributors can feel invigorated and willing to help the organization move forward.

Where the myth begins

A recent Human Resource Executive Online article discussed employee engagement surveys, and the argument of whether the assessments are actually useful to businesses. The news source cited consultant and statistician Robert Gerst, who asserted in a recent piece for the American Society for Quality's "Journal for Quality and Participation" that the practice is superfluous.

According to Gerst, employee engagement surveys are based on "junk science," and their overall objective is to tell a good story rather than tell the truth.

"Let's say a department gets branded as having a low engagement score, but in fact isn't lower," Gerst said in the original article. "All of a sudden, morale [takes a hit]. People look around and wonder, 'What are we doing wrong? We thought everything was great, but now we're being told we're somehow deficient.' "

Gerst added that the situation worsens when management teams are given bonuses if their employees have high levels of engagement. Overall, the results of such assessments will only diminish the employer-employee relationship, he said.

Working past the misconceptions

This belief though, is far from the truth. Regardless of a company's size, employee engagement surveys are designed to benefit the individual team member as well as the entire company. Two-way communication is key, as employees are given a chance to work with their managers. The point is not to tell a workforce that they are deficient, rather, these appraisals can be designed and fine-tuned to each company.

Different companies will have varying work environments, and questions can be catered to see where each organization can grow. Additionally, employees are not labeled deficient – instead, they will be shown how to become even stronger contributors.