Delivering 360 feedback does not make you the ‘bearer of bad news’

No employee wants to be viewed as the “bad guy.” Managers might avoid this by trying to be friends with team members, while co-workers might overlook annoying tendencies of their peers to avoid confrontations. However, there is a way to deliver feedback in the office that will not put any contributor in an undesirable position.

By using the 360 feedback process, companies can deliver constructive feedback to staff members at all levels. Furthermore, with well-rounded feedback, there is not one specific individual who is delivering bad news. CCi Surveys International can provide your business with the tools and guidance it needs to implement a positive feedback structure.

A recent Bloomberg BNA article explained that in some organizations, human resource teams will often become associated with bad news. Even employee reviews might soon be connected with HR teams. According to the news source, this can become detrimental to the entire company, especially if HR teams find themselves stuck between management requests and statutory requirements.

J. Timothy McDonald, a partner at Atlanta-based Thompson Hine LLP, explained to the news source that HR professionals understand that they will not always be the most popular individuals in the office.

“In larger companies the systems are so entrenched that there isn’t much risk for the HR people,” McDonald said. “It’s riskier in smaller companies or family-owned companies, where the emotions of one person may come into play.”

Patty Wise of Niehaus & Associates in Toledo, Ohio agreed, saying that it can be a common fear among human resource teams to speak up. No one wants to be the “bearer of bad news,” she said.

With 360 feedback and employee assessments through CCi Surveys International, businesses across numerous industries will be able to create and develop working environments that encourage employees – not make them afraid to give and receive feedback.

Brenda MacLean