Larry Cipolla
July 2, 2013

No matter the industry in which a business operates, there will be some aspect of customer interaction. Whether it is an individual shopper or a high-profile company, an organization must ensure that its staff can work with clients to help keep them satisfied and willing to continue working with that business.

But, how can companies guarantee that they instill the right qualities within each employee? What must be done to help team members grow and learn the best approaches to working with an upset customer?

By partnering with CCi Surveys International, businesses across numerous industries can understand how effective their current customer service is and what, if anything, needs to be done to make it stronger. With CCi Direct Connect® software, companies can create unique surveys and assessments that will help management develop how employees interact with customers and help them become stronger contributors.

Company president and director Larry Cipolla explained that his company can help businesses create customer service assessments as a non-360 survey. It would be more of a market research approach, with the survey used to contact a client's customer base. Essentially, organizations want to know how effectively their staff and business are able to provide high value customer service.

"We also include customer service themes in our 360 sales assessment surveys," Cipolla said. "With a 360 survey we can drill down to how effectively a specific salesperson and sales office or customer-service center is providing high value customer service."

Furthermore, a non-360 customer service survey provides a business with an overall picture of its customer service deliverables. A company can receive individual salesperson data and see how effectively the entire sales team in a specific location can provide strong customer service.