Dan Maxwell
November 15, 2017

Experience can be an important factor in hiring the right person; but be cautious what you assume when you read how long someone has been in their line of work.

We help our Clients find the right people by using Screen2Fit.  First, we build them a Job Model – so they have a “picture” of the ideal person. Then they send out a link for all applicants to complete a Pro.file People Survey.  When results come in, we match them against the Job Model and provide Clients the top results.  Top results are Candidates at the top of the list with a “Strong Traits Match”.  They have the natural motivation to do what’s required in that role every day.  At the bottom of the list are results where “Very Few Traits Match”.  In other words, they are motivated to do anything but what the job requires.

One of our Clients was hiring for a sales position.  Looking at the bottom section they wondered out loud: “How did these people get into sales?”

True, there could be many reasons a person ends up in what seems an unlikely job. For example: that’s the schooling they took, and right out of school they landed a position in this field; and then, further education was out of the question.  For a few it was part of the family business; and others simply needed a steady job and it paid the bills.  Our client’s comment doesn’t rule out any of these possibilities.

What they noticed was the number of Candidates applying for a sales position who did not have a personality to match.

How could they fill such a role without a natural motivation to sell?

Their Pro.file results indicated people who wouldn’t find it natural to brush off rejection, actively build relationships, or ask qualifying questions.  In fact, they would be inclined to avoid risk, hesitant to interact with others, and would list all features and benefits before knowing much about their prospect’s pain points.

Whatever kept them in this career must have been compelling.  Their personality assessment says they were struggling with the right sales behaviour every day – with one major exception … no one was really paying attention to their productivity and they were able to do as much or as little as they pleased (and passing lots of time in the coffee shop).

We agree.  Experience is an important factor – but only if it’s read through the lens of personality.

Someone may have years of experience; but without the right motivators which comes with the right personality, they are either struggling to keep up or simply putting in their time.

The problem for recruiters is this: not knowing if someone wants to do what’s required because that’s how the person is hardwired, you can’t count on the “pitches” in their resume or the “promises” from their references.

Starting with the “ideal personality”, Screen2Fit outlines who you need in any position, and gives you a clear sense of their match to the role.  That way you know what you can – or can’t – expect; and you have a better way of interpreting “experience” in your Candidate’s story.