Dan Maxwell
April 27, 2017

So you’ve thought about using a personality instrument in your hiring process. How do you plan to use the tool?

  • Perhaps for a senior role?
  • Maybe to avoid another miss-step (had a couple poor hires lately)?
  • Might need to find a better sales rep – someone with more consistent performance?

Note: few assessments have the science to support these choices. In Why Pro.file, we build the case for personality assessment around the credibility of an instrument like the Pro.file People Survey.

Whatever instrument you choose, where does it fit in your process?

Typically, recruiters post an ad, short list, interview & reference check – and then select the best applicant. Unfortunately, many reach the point of final decision with little thought about personality (at best they might have a “sense” about a person).  By that time they have spent hours reviewing resumes, arranging interviews and discussing candidates.  So we ask …

“Wouldn’t it make more sense to know if this person was a fit right from the beginning?”

By assessing personality first, you can more quickly and effectively screen out the candidates who in spite of their impressive resumes may or may not have what it takes to be a top performer. Facts are, some may have had the education – even years of experience, but are not hardwired to make effective use of all they learned.  But there is something even more important to consider ….

What will you do with the information you gather?

Here’s the issue. You can gather important information about someone’s natural motivation and typical behaviour; but how does that matter –if you don’t know what the job requires?

Using a personality tool without a clear understanding of the right personality for the job is like clothes shopping without someone’s size. You may find some amazing fashions, but if they don’t fit … they just take up space in the closet.

Personalities, like clothing, come in all colours, shapes and dimensions. Without a clear sense of required behaviours – and the traits which drive them, matching a personality with any position is at best a guessing game.

Measuring personality – both job and the applicant is a critical aspect of hiring for any position.

In summary, for optimal use of assessment tools in hiring, we recommend:

  1. Size up the job.
  2. Measure all applicants.
  3. Screen2Fit.

What tips do you have to offer for using personality assessments?