Larry Cipolla
March 19, 2013

Pretend for a minute that you are a manger within a prestigious company. Perhaps it took you years to get promoted to your position, or maybe you were extremely motivated and moved through the ranks in a short amount of time. Either way, you are smart, ambitious and determined to find individual success while helping the business thrive.

However, let's also pretend that not everything is perfect. You enjoy the organization overall, but something is keeping it from being an ideal situation. Maybe there are newly implemented policies that don't mesh with your business approach. Or, perhaps you are noticing that your people skills are not being used to their full potential. What do you do? How do you find a way to apply your strengths in a manner that is both self-satisfying and beneficial for the company?

The answer is 360 degree feedback.

Whether an individual employee, or a concerned manager decides to institute 360 feedback, the process is designed to highlight a participant's strengths and find ways to improve areas where he or she is not as strong.

For example, let's go back to our previous scenario. You are a manager who has very good people skills. Perhaps through the appraisal process, this fact is further underlined – your supervisor and co-workers agree with the assessment. But, your ability to delegate is not perfect. Now, with 360 coaching, you are able to form an action plan with your supervisor.

Whether a new position and/or career path is designed, or your current one is altered, the key is that through two-way communication you are able to work with your supervisor to find a solution. There is no attacking or blaming. Rather, an answer is found that can cater to your strengths but is not detrimental to the company.

With a comprehensive communication process, all employees can find a way to be strong contributors in their organization.