Mike Moreau
September 5, 2014

In the early days of Apple, I watched a video on Steve Jobs
and wrote down this quote:

What happens to your business when you have one computer for ten people
vs. everyone having a computer?
– Steve Jobs

I often talk about the fact that people only have a cursory understanding of personality – both that of the person and the job. Because of this gap in insight, they make lots of people mistakes in their hiring, promoting, managing, and communicating with others. For growing organizations this problem is amplified.

I see evidence of this every time we do a training session, help a client who’s recruiting or promoting an employee, or talk to family and friends about understanding, working and living with others.

At Concord we’ve developed a really unique level of insight about people, and our phone rings every day because people won’t make a people decision without first consulting with us.

Part of our work is to train leadership, management and HR teams about personality and its impact on performance. It’s always an eye opener for attendees. The problem is the responsibility to make use of this insight remains on the shoulders of so few people in most organizations.

Now let me make a little adjustment to Steve’s quote: ‘What happens to your business when only one person out of ten has this insight vs. everyone having this insight?’

People are what make your business – the good, the bad, the
ugly. The more you know about people the better you can anticipate, assign,
manage and communicate with them.

What would your business be like if everyone had this insight?