Larry Cipolla
September 26, 2012

It's never easy for an organization to grow from a simple idea into a full-fledged Fortune 500 company. Throughout the team building process, those in leadership positions are bound to encounter some employees that are better workers than others. While an individual superstar is not necessarily always a hindrance, it's important that he or she can find a way to encourage all team members.

A blog post in the New York Times described what it calls the "brilliant jerk." These individuals tend to spring up in startup businesses but can exist in well-established companies as well. Essentially, according to the article, the brilliant jerks are strong employees but also have a tendency to dampen the office mood. This happens as they will complain about how the group isn't performing strongly and will nitpick as to what could or should be done differently.

"There are a lot of hurdles to cross when companies move from start-up to growth, including dealing with chaos and changes in culture," the article said. "But the biggest hurdle is dealing with the human factor – how you move, shift and replace people as the company grows into the next level of success."

In order to help any business grow, communication is key. Using the 360 feedback process, company leaders can rest assured that they are doing everything within their power to push the organization forward. With this type of appraisal, employees will understand exactly how they are impacting the workforce.

Strengths are highlighted with 360 coaching but team members are also shown which areas they can improve in – not just told about their weaknesses. This approach will benefit each worker and can help to avoid an overabundance of individual superstars who are only concerned with their own place in the company.