How to use 360 feedback to earn respect as a leader

In order to get respect you have to give it. That adage is extremely true in today's working world. When company leaders and managers adopt a sense of entitlement, assuming that they immediately deserve the respect of their employees, it will be extremely difficult to create a successful environment.

The technology and business blog Inc., had a recent contribution piece by Kevin Daum, an entrepreneur and author. In the article, Daum explained that leaders need to be able to encourage their workers in order to gain respect from them.

A large part of being in charge is instilling the perception that a solid working relationship exists. One way that this can be achieved is by using 360 feedback. That way, leaders can give constructive feedback on how team members can improve, and highlight their strengths at the same time.

"The leadership vacuum in business today allows them to stay as long as they manage acceptable results," Daum wrote. "Ultimately, your personal leadership legacy will not be remembered for your M.B.A., your sales numbers or the toys you acquired. Most likely, it will be the positive, personal impact you created, one follower at a time."

In order for effective team building to take place, companies should use 360 feedback. This appraisal process will allow businesses to grow leaders from within by identifying high potential employees. Individuals will see their strengths and be given advice on how they can become even stronger in other areas.

Furthermore, a 360 degree leadership assessment will help supervisors and managers improve their own leadership legacy, as Daum called it. Even those in charge can find ways to grow and become stronger team members within the workforce. With the feedback that they are given, leaders can do self-directed action planning to help push the business forward.

Brenda MacLean