Larry Cipolla
October 30, 2012

The "Frankenstorm" of Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast through Sunday and Monday this week, wreaking havoc with intense winds, torrential downpours and dangerous flooding. Throughout preceding disaster preparation efforts and the ensuing aftermath and recovery, local leaders demonstrated different approaches to inspiring and motivating residents.

While New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are not in charge of major companies, their different leadership styles can still teach lessons to those in the business world.

A well-rounded appraisal process is the best and most thorough way for managers and company leaders to make improvements in how they take charge. A 360 degree feedback approach, for example, offers a chance for employees to highlight their supervisor's strengths, while also giving pointers for what areas could be made better.

The New York Times outlined the different ways that each state leader attempted to reach out to East Coast residents in a time of crisis. Bloomberg was more of a stern parent, chiding New Yorkers to stay out of the rain and do something inside. Cuomo was more laid-back when he spoke, giving a relaxed and relatable image. And then Christie was just blunt – calling New Yorkers stupid and selfish for not following evacuation orders.

"The events, held by these three officials on Monday and over the weekend in the buildup to Hurricane Sandy, are part news conference, part fireside chat, and they require the full portfolio of executive skills: confidence, calm, empathy and wit," the article said.

Executive skills are necessary for any business leader to have. In order for them to be properly sharpened, and used to push a company toward success, managers should instill a 360 leadership assessment to determine an approach that all employees can benefit from.