Larry Cipolla
June 15, 2013

"You do not lead by hitting people over the head – that is assault, not leadership."

President Dwight Eisenhower was exactly right when he said that line, understanding full well that a successful leader doesn't need to force individuals to follow him or her. In the business world, strong managers are able to lead by example while giving employees the ability to flourish on an individual level.

A contribution piece in Forbes highlighted several tactics for leaders to keep in mind, including the fact that radiating confidence can help team members feel more confident in themselves and their ability to perform well in the company.

"Leaders must project the 'glass half-full' sense of optimism," the article said. "This is not an excuse for Pollyanna-ism; effective leaders must be realists. But one who seeks to bring people together for a cause is advised to think more positively than negatively."

Additionally, the news source said that proper delegation from leadership teams is essential for a business to find success. Managers must understand how to assign tasks and then be willing to take responsibility when things do not go according to plan.

Taking leadership through the next level with custom feedback

Companies that want to improve their daily operations must ensure that all employees in leadership positions are strong and reliable. Partnering with CCi Surveys International can help businesses create unique leadership assessments. This way, employees can give honest feedback in a constructive way.

Perhaps a manager is aptly skilled for a position but does not understand how to delegate tasks properly. If employees enjoy him or her as a person, they might not be willing to address the issue themselves. But through leadership assessments or even a 360 feedback survey, they can ensure that their voices are heard.

Good leaders are excited to learn in order to become even greater contributors. Being willing to understand where your employees are coming from can be immensely helpful when a new direction must be taken in a company.

When businesses are able to implement feedback from employees, they can ensure that leadership teams are able to cater to their needs. Until team members trust those who are in charge, and know that they can depend on them, they will never be willing to follow.

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