Larry Cipolla
October 8, 2013

Baby ducks will dutifully follow their mother, whether it's in a pond or on the land. Some managers might assume that their employees will be willing to adopt a similar mindset with them.

"They will follow my lead because I am the leader."

This is not always true, and a manager could easily alienate him or herself from employees.

A recent Entrepreneur Magazine article highlighted common mistakes that business leaders can make. Implementing leadership assessments could mitigate some of the issues that might arise in a company. Here are a few that the news source listed:

  • They don't trust you
  • They don't want to go where you're leading
  • They don't know why they should do what you ask.

These three issues boil down to a lack of communication. As a manager, it is highly unlikely that every team member will like you, but you can take steps to ensure that they respect you as a leader.

"'Because I said so' is tough for kids to swallow and more difficult for adults," the article explained. "Knowing why a request is made is something any intelligent adult would desire. Harried leaders, however are often better at giving commands than explaining them or providing context."

For example, let's say that your company implements 360 degree feedback, and you learn that your employees believe you are lacking in the communication department. Your own supervisor can help you create an action plan that helps you make positive changes in this area. Maybe you have great ideas to help employees and improve the company, but if you do not know the best way to relay that information to team members, they could be put off by terse and seemingly random requests.

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