Larry Cipolla
July 27, 2013

Managers and supervisors might not always realize the impact that their attitudes can have on their employees. As Inc. Magazine contributor Geoffrey James explained in a recent article, it's important for these individuals to choose to emphasize positive attributes, as this can encourage contributors further. Otherwise, team members might not feel as connected to their work.

According to a survey from Right Management, 84 percent of employees admit that they sometimes feel trapped in their job and are looking for other opportunities. Nearly 400 U.S. and Canadian employees were interviewed for the study.

Timothy Mooney, talent management practice leader for Canada at Right Management, explained to the Canadian HR Reporter that while it's disheartening to see numbers showing that some workplaces have become so sullen, it would be a mistake for management to do nothing. According to Mooney, leadership teams must be willing to help mitigate a bad situation and encourage employees to take part in their own development.

"They may feel trapped, but it doesn't mean they can't grow, so management should provide development opportunities and ways to broaden their capabilities," he said. "When they see the employer will invest in learning and training and that they can progress in their present job it may lessen their sense of being stuck."

Through 360 assessments, employees can receive constructive feedback that can help them become stronger contributors. Perhaps team members feel stuck, but do not know what can be done to help them move forward. With well-rounded assessments, employees can create strong action plans with their immediate supervisors.

Being able to play a role in one's own development will further show employees incentive. It is up to managers to explain available growth opportunities to team members, and be willing to work with them to achieve whatever goals they want to set for themselves.

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