Mike Moreau
November 14, 2014

Most companies, if they use personality assessments at all, get the process all wrong. They narrow down their candidates based on resumes. Once they’ve conducted interviews and made their top two or three choices, they only ask those candidates to take a personality assessment – looking to validate what they saw in the interviews. From the results, hiring managers may find out that none of the candidates fits very well. Then, they either pass on those candidates and start the process over, or, more likely, they hire the best of the less-than-ideal candidates. No wonder
author Mark Murphy
found in his research that 46% of new hires failed within 18 months!

The closest analogy I can make to uncovering a person’s personality by looking at a resume, is trying to guess someone’s weight and height when you’re blindfolded, with only their voice to guide you. I would be absolutely blind in selecting interview candidates if I didn’t have our
Pro.file Performance System
– a personality assessment we use as the first step in our hiring process. A resume tells you what someone has done, but it doesn’t tell you what that person is like. Personality assessment gives us much clearer insight into what that person will be like.

Let’s be honest,
developing an understanding of someone’s personality
(and how to work with them) takes weeks, months, even years! Just think about how long it took to get to know your spouse. Our Pro.file tool lets you uncover personality after a short survey that shows you if a job candidate’s personality matches the best personality for the job. It tells you how much an applicant enjoys being around people and for how much of the day; helps you understand what a “busy workplace” is for them compared to your company’s; tells you how much direction they’ll need in the role; and lets you know if they’ll be someone who will fit collaboratively into the team or who will always push their own agenda.

Make personality assessment the first step in your hiring process, screen applicants using Pro.file, and you’ll end up with a pool of candidates who are much better matches to the job. Then, review their resumes to make sure they have the right experience and education, take them through your hiring process, and base your hiring decision on all of your data points to start consistently hiring above-average performers. See how our
Pro.file People personality assessment tool
can help you hire the best.