Mike Moreau
May 2, 2018

Applicants naturally put their best foot forward in their resume – and so they should. They’re showcasing their accomplishments to win a job.

So, what’s wrong with a glowing resume? It doesn’t tell me how someone will perform in the job they’re applying for. It also doesn’t tell me all the places they’ve underperformed in the past.

Why does this matter?

They may have done it before but it’s tough to find the truth about how they did it. Was it market demand? An aggressive Sales Manager? One or two key accounts? Just because they’ve done it before, doesn’t mean they can, will or want to do it for you.

Resumes are just the start of most recruitment processes but they’re so subjective and not at all predictive.

We need to dig deeper to really determine fit.

How do we find the missing information?

The best investment of time and effort is in the use of assessment tools to determine fit. Using a set of tools like Pro.file People Survey and Pro.file Organization (job models), you can figure out what core traits drive a candidate’s behaviour and compare them with the drivers for success in the job.

This approach provides a far more reliable measure of candidate potential.

Start your recruitment process with this information in front of you, and you’ll be working with the right candidates from the start – saving you screening time and the disappointment of finding out a Candidate is just not the right fit after hours of interviews and evaluation.

Resumes – even interviews and reference checks – don’t provide all the information you need to make confident and accurate selection decisions.

Have you included the steps that will help you uncover that missing information?