Mike Moreau
May 11, 2018

We often talk about the importance of planning.

Most business owners have dreams and aspirations that live in their heads – and often change based on the priorities of the day, week or month.

The common plight of many owners or executives is working “in” vs. “on” the business; responding to the urgent and not paying enough attention to the important.

But if you don’t think about the future who will?

Businesses are usually steps behind where they should be. They are not sufficiently established to manage current business and the work they do – never mind what they want to accomplish in the future. IT infrastructure is lapsing, manufacturing can’t keep up with orders, office space is too small so there is a hold on hiring more people, etc.

If a leadership team is focused on growth, the business will grow, and you’ll need the right infrastructure in place so that growth isn’t inhibited.

You need to be thinking beyond today and into the future.

Here’s a short article that reflects a lot of our process and our beliefs as they relate to strategic planning.


Small business strategic planning: 10 tips to transform your company