Dan Maxwell
April 12, 2017

Last week I got a reminder about the basics. Someone came to a Pro.file training session with skepticism.  They had done their best to select candidates … only to discover that company management was not impressed.  According to Pro.file, their potential was limited.  During the session we reviewed how a Pro.file survey was put together, and it occurred to me – that’s why this works.  Of course, the participant didn’t have this information when they received this “prognosis.”

Sometimes it’s good to review the basics – so we can help others understand and so we don’t forget them ourselves! To borrow from a phrase I’ve heard more recently, we can suffer from the “curse of knowledge.”  So in these next few lines, let me either inform or remind you, why we and so many of our clients consistently rely on Pro.file insights for important people decisions.

We’ve done our homework.

If an assessment tool is to be reliable, it needs to be developed the right way. Concord engaged psychometricians (in Canada and the U.S.) who analyzed and advised on the creation and calculation of Pro.file questions.  The math which proves reliability proved to be world class from the beginning.  Concord continues to invest in the ongoing refinement of this tool.

Results are consistently accurate.

Over and over we hear from others how clearly this captures the behaviours of those who complete the survey. One person quipped the survey is like a 70 question interview.  Each trait is assessed in a variety of ways through multiple questions – and all of them with a unique focus on workplace behavior.  Even  hours of interview time or weeks of watching a person in action won’t get you the accuracy this tool provides.  A well-built instrument also uncovers motivation, ability and style like no amount of observation will reveal.

Managers have proven it works.

Some won’t make a hiring decision without reviewing Pro.file results. One small business owner shares how his organization has experienced thousands of dollars in savings for having the right person in the right seat.  They’ve seen over and over the accuracy of the tool and how a candidate turned employee shows the same gaps in their match to the job as were identified at the start.  Managers know applying science to recruitment brings a strong measure of objectivity to those intangible but very important people decisions.

In summary, we’ve done our homework, we’re committed to accuracy and reliability, and are pleased to point to so many situations where Pro.file has provided valuable insights, increase productivity and  even shaped company culture.

The selection, development and promotion of people – an organization’s most important asset – is about much more than skills, education and experience and too complex to leave to gut feel.

How are you making choices about the people you hire, train and promote? Have you found a way to “get it right” consistently and accurately?