Larry Cipolla
May 9, 2013

Most individuals have heard at some time or another, that "everyone has a different learning approach." If this is widely accepted, why do some businesses assume that their sales teams are all the same? In much the same way, in order for positive sales development to take place, a company needs to take the time and create training sessions that cater to its needs and that of its sales force.

Additionally, a sales team is only as strong as the manager. With a leader who either does not care about the company, or is just unsure of how to lead his or her workforce, it will be extremely difficult – if not impossible – for the sales force to find success.

This is where partnering with a firm like CCi Surveys International can benefit a company. A sales force assessment that is created through CCi Direct-Connect® software can be developed for a business' specific needs.

"Our thinking is that 'effective sales managers are role models for developing effective sales people,'" president and director Larry Cipolla explained. "Highly effective sales managers can have a profound impact on a company's sales results by coaching and developing their sales people. But all too often training initiatives focus on sales people and not their sales managers."

Additionally, CCi Surveys International can help companies create an assessment that is designed to rate the sales person and then a separate one for the sales manager. By aggregating the individual sales team's feedback from each office or district, a group profile that identifies the strength and developmental needs for each area can be designed. This profile can help internal trainers identify specific issues for an office, and not have a cookie cutter training technique for the entire sales force.