Larry Cipolla
September 11, 2013

Those who work as congressional staffers often have heavy workloads and must work on issues that will affect the entire country. However, recent research shows that this does not put a damper on employee engagement.

In fact, according to "Life in Congress: Job Satisfaction and Engagement of House and Senate Staff," those who work in Congress were more engaged than the general workforce. The Congressional Management Foundation (CMF) surveyed 1,400 congressional staff members and the data was compared to information gathered from the Society for Human Resource Management. 

Specifically, 63 percent of congressional staff said that they were determined to accomplish their work goals, while just 34 percent of the broader U.S. business world felt the same way. In terms of overall job satisfaction, 80 percent of congressional employees reported they had that with their current job, including 40 percent who are very satisfied.

"As HR professionals know well, an organization's culture plays an important role in ensuring that employees not only contribute but thrive. This important research gives insight into how best to engage and retain a unique — and valuable — workforce," Mike Aitken, SHRM's vice president of government affairs, said in a press release.

Bringing 'congressional engagement' to your team members

Just because your company doesn't operate in the congressional setting, doesn't mean that you can't create an environment where employees at all levels feel engaged. Implementing 360 feedback surveys and employee satisfaction assessments will help companies across all industries.

For example, perhaps employees don't realize how their lackluster approach is impacting the company. But after well-rounded and constructive feedback, they can better understand how they can become a stronger contributor. To that same effect, it's crucial for supervisors to listen to their team members, and be willing to create a positive action plan that encourages individual growth along with overall business success.