Larry Cipolla
September 24, 2012

In order for an organization or company to be truly successful, employees have to want to work for their manager. When leaders take the time and extra effort to be extraordinary and not just an average boss, it will have a hugely positive impact on the rank and file.

The technology and business blog Inc. recently highlighted some simple steps that leaders can take to ensure they do everything within their power to stay as innovative and encouraging as possible.

For example, an average manager will allow one employee to become a "star," while an extraordinary leader will take the time to ensure that individual workers' goals intersect with that of the team as a whole. Top performers are encouraged to use their talents to create a broader level of success.

"Extraordinary bosses know that their primary responsibility is to let people do their jobs and provide coaching when necessary or requested," the article said. "Such bosses realize that it's impossible for workers to think strategically when their time and energy are getting consumed with details of tactical execution."

Taking the time to work with employees is crucial in order for any business or organization to find success. Through 360 feedback, a manager will be able to not only highlight an individual's strengths, but also help them find ways to grow in other areas. That way, if necessary, an employee behavior change can take place in a positive manner.

These types of appraisals go beyond the standard performance review, the same way that extraordinary bosses go beyond the standard definition of leadership. With 360 feedback managers can form a well-rounded evaluation of team members, ensuring that each worker understands how he or she can help the business move forward.