The Science of Human Potential – The Pro.file Assessment Tool

Over the last year we’ve worked to refocus, realign & re-brand the Pro.file Performance System. Born as an employee personality assessment tool that we believe provided incredible depth & insight, the website and overall brand communicated this in a robust but less than user friendly fashion. Like all of our clients we have a strong focus on growth; in order to meet our goals it became clear that we needed to re-focus our brand and website to better communicate what we do and how our assessment tools impact businesses.

Our journey of self-discovery started with a survey of our existing clients. We forwarded a brief client survey to our current users and were very happy with the high rate of participation. This was followed up by a focus group of clients that had been working with us for between four and twenty years. Both activities provided us with great insights into how we’ve affected people in their business and personal lives; but there were two stories that really stuck out for me.

The first was from a client who is a partner in a law firm who, over the last ten years, had built considerable expertise using the Pro.file employee assessment tool. His initial comments were related to how this knowledge and the assessment tool had helped him build his business from a people standpoint. He was proud to say that clients had regularly commented through the years about the firm’s ability to hire quality people.

What I found most interesting was when he commented on how he believed Pro.file had helped make him a better litigator. He told us how his insight and knowledge about people that he’d gained from the assessment tool helped him to more effectively tailor his approach to get the most information from someone in the courtroom. The scope of our line: “The Science of Human Potential”, began to take on meaning outside of simply hiring for the right job fit.

My second story relates to a conversation I had with my dad. We were presented with the positioning statement – “The Science of Human Potential” – while I was on holidays with dad, so I asked him for some objective feedback. He was drawn to the word “science,” which as a doctor meant to him trusted, objective, measured – but he was uncertain about human potential. At the time he was casually contemplating a Deanery job at the university but wasn’t certain he had the right stuff to do it. So I asked him, “Would you like me to go over your Pro.file People assessment results and talk to you about the potential you have to take over this type of role?” His eyes lit up at age 64 and he said, “I’d love for you to talk to me about my potential!”

His enthusiasm and engagement was something I thought needed to be represented in what Pro.file does, personally and for organizations. As individuals we question whether we’re headed down the right path, are comfortable with what we’re doing, or if we have the potential to take on different and increasing responsibilities and roles. The same goes for organizations. I believe Pro.file helps us discover this within ourselves so we can choose our path and engage our true potential.

Mike Moreau

Mike Moreau