Dan Maxwell
July 20, 2017

Google got it!  They were looking for a good manager and found what it was for them.  It was not what they expected.

Technical expertise was NOT the most important factor

They had been promoting the way many do … based on technical expertise, reports the New York Times.  Then they did some research (10,000 pieces of information) – only to discover that technical expertise was the least important factor for being a good manager in their company.

It might seem natural to promote someone who has more knowledge and skill in their field. However, when someone moves into a management role, they must stop doing the work themselves and get others to do it. They switch to making the decisions, delegating, and motivating. Those activities not only require different skill sets, they also require different personality traits!

Without the traits required to direct others, strategize and inspire, great technicians become struggling managers.

It doesn’t take Google level research to determine personality is a factor one can’t ignore. Technical people struggle with the amount of interaction required in sales. Sales people don’t have the focus and detail orientation necessary for success in technical roles.

Are you hiring or promoting with the right metrics?

(See “Three Pitfalls” of promoting the way Google used to in this Business Insider review. Alternatively, explore Screen2Fit for an option which begins with personality.)