Larry Cipolla
October 17, 2013

Do you know how your employees feel about their working environment? If you're unsure of your team member's mindset, it could be difficult to gauge future progress. However, with the advent of employee opinion surveys, organizations can learn where their contributors are coming from.

A recent white paper from the Society for Human Resource Management discussed this very issue, saying that employee opinion surveys have changed over the years, but the adjustments and implementations with results have been quite beneficial.

"As employee research practices have evolved over the decades, they have moved toward taking a more prescriptive approach," the white paper read. "In other words, while organizational leadership is still interested in gaining insight into their employees' satisfaction, attitudes and commitment, the question of how to use information about employees' level of engagement as a
business indicator that drives positive action is now of primary concern."

By working with CCi Surveys International, businesses across numerous industries can learn the best ways to implement employee opinion surveys, 360 degree assessments and other feedback initiatives. Then, organizations can understand what to do with the results, and what will lead to employees being able to improve on an individual level while remaining satisfied in their position.

For example, let's say that you had team members fill out an employee satisfaction survey as well as an opinion survey. Perhaps you thought that productivity was slow because it was a certain time of year. But, after reading the results, it turns out your employees are not happy with the leadership style of a particular manager. Or, maybe they feel that the office environment is not conducive to productivity.

Until you are fully informed as to your employee's feelings, it will be difficult – if not impossible – to implement changes that will improve their experience and help them become stronger contributors.