Dan Maxwell
November 5, 2013

Through the latest Costco Connection, I’ve been reminded of the strengths vs. weaknesses
movement which had it’s advocates as far back as Peter Drucker in the 60’s. Buckingham has helped to make the idea popular – and illustrates how well it can can serve an organization.

It makes sense – for more than one reason.

An organization focusing on strengths:

  • hires naturally motivated people – for positions they are designed to love!,
  • inspires confidence in their staff for simply allowing them to be themselves (rather
    than trying to reshape who they are)!
  • generates momentum by continually encouraging even greater achievements – through people
    who already want to grow!

Bottom line: an organization built on strengths will perform at much higher levels
than an organization battling weaknesses.

What is the focus of your organization? Your team? Your own activity?

How are you figuring out what those strengths are, and confirming that they match what needs
to be done every day?