Larry Cipolla
June 13, 2013

Many companies depend on the effectiveness of their sales teams. When a sales manager sees either one employee or several falter, what needs to be done to implement positive change? It is an important part of a sales manager's leadership skills to not only be able to perceive that there is an issue at hand, but be willing to help employees make positive changes and move forward. 

Strong sales managers must be able to take on many roles in order to help their teams thrive. It's necessary to be a teacher, coach and diplomat, among others. Sales teams need to be taught the right skills and then coached through how to apply those skills successfully. The diplomatic aspect comes when wins or losses occur – a good sales manager doesn't call out scapegoats or play favorites with heroes. Rather, he or she is able to take the lessons learned and help all team members become better contributors. 

A Harvard Business Review contribution piece explained that sales managers must be willing to take the initiative in improving their teams. When turnover rates are high, for example, it will not be good enough to assume that one problem is the root of all issues. Do employees want more money? Are they unsatisfied with the training programs? It could be one of these issues, a combination or something else entirely.

"Managers are the ones who have to figure out if a low performing salesperson has future potential or not," the article said. "They are the ones who must coach and develop a salesperson to realize his/her potential. And they are the ones who can find the right motivators for holding on to high-performing salespeople."

When companies invest in CCi Direct Connect® software from CCi Surveys International, they can be given the tools they need to help improve sales development. With the ability to create everything from employee satisfaction surveys to 360 feedback surveys that are unique to the business in question, sales managers can help team members flourish.

Along with those assessments, sales leaders can also receive their own feedback, so they can provide better coaching to employees. Two-way communication is key for any department within a business to thrive and CCi Surveys can help a company achieve that.