Candidate & Employee Assessments

Personality traits drive behaviour. Our traits are what cause us to interpret situations or words differently. They drive our natural motivations and how we approach our work.

A core foundation for a growing organization is to not only define the roles and responsibilities of the role, but also the behavioural traits required for high performance. In other words, define how someone needs to think and how they need to approach their role to be effective.

Below are the seven key working traits that should be defined for a role and measured in candidates.

  • Assertiveness: An individual’s need to exercise control over his or her environment. A high need to control would be very assertive; a low need to control would be accommodating.
  • Sociability: An individual’s need to build relationships and communicate with others. A person with high sociability need would be more outgoing; a lower need to socialize would cause a person to be more reserved.
  • Pace: An individual’s patience or impatience. A higher level of pace would cause an individual to prefer a more fast-paced, multi-tasked approach to work; a lower level of pace would cause an individual to be more patient and methodical.
  • Detail Orientation: An individual’s need for structure or latitude in his or her environment. A higher detail orientation causes an individual to be more careful and thorough; a lower level of detail orientation causes an individual to be more flexible and casual with structure.
  • Behavioral Adaptability: The degree to which an individual can adapt or modify his or her behaviors for different people and different situations – and sustain that adaptation.
  • Emotiveness: The ability of an individual to demonstrate a sensitive, empathetic approach towards others, or a more logical, rational and controlled approach towards others.
  • Creativity: An individual’s ability to bring “original thinking” to a discussion, problem-solving, or a selling situation. Individuals can have a conservative or an innovative orientation.

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Without the deep human behavioural analytics that came with Concord’s survey, we would not be as far along in our growth trajectory as we are today.  I would certainly recommend Concord Consulting to any company who is motivated to succeed in their growth with “right people in the right positions doing the right things right.”
Isabelle Graveline, President & CEO | Kilmarnock Enterprise
Our business has benefited greatly from the plan we developed with you and your team. With our plan we have achieved a number of the key strategic initiatives. We have reached our 3 year goal of $xxx,xxx,xxx in revenue in two years, implemented our Business Enterprise System, restructured and strengthened the organization, completed an acquisition in our Production Services Group and have positioned the company for the future.
Stephen Smith, President & CEO | Strike Energy Services
In addition to Pro.file we examined several other systems. The reasons for choosing Pro.file were: Internal assessments have consistently put the accuracy of the reports in the 8-10 out of 10 range, the information is relatively brief and to the point as more extensive reporting is not always useful, the visual aspect of the graphs give the profiles additional depth and enable the report to be read quickly.
Michael Scott, Chairman & CEO | Precision Biologic
We approached the Concord Consulting group to help us find a solution to combat some turn over in a specific role. With the help provided by the Concord team along with the Pro.file Performance Software we have now developed a new standard for recruiting as well as employee development.
Sean Lavin, Business Development Manager | Aircom Instrumentation Ltd.
The results were remarkable. All of us have used numerous psychometric testing instruments during our careers and we all agreed that this was unequivocally the best we have ever seen. The results of the analysis of each team member was accurate, insightful and in some cases seemingly prescient. The analysis left no doubt about what we needed to do and how critical it was to do if we are to succeed.
Nick Martyn, Founder & CEO | RiskLogic