Do You HIRE for Resume and FIRE for Fit?

  • Are you being fooled in interviews?
  • Are you doing the work the person you hired is supposed to be doing?
  • Is the person you hired different than the person you interviewed?
  • Are you tired of paying high fees for below average performers?

Tired of Hiring People That Don't Produce Results?

You invest so much time and energy into finding the right people, it’s frustrating when employees don’t work out.

The recruitment process is tough.

We’ve been working with clients like you for years to help them find the right people. Our tools and insight drastically improve your odds of hiring the right person.

You need to build your best team. We can help you do that.

It’s a critical piece of the recruitment process and is a major component of building a successful organization.
~ Bruce Lazenby, Past President and CEO | Invest Ottawa

Key Steps in the Concord Recruitment Process


To build a benchmark


To rank according to fit


To confirm your selection

What Makes Concord Recruitment So Different?

We know how hard it is to hire people that fit your business. Most of our clients have experienced the same frustration. Using tools we developed, they found Candidates engaged from the start, ready to use their strengths and achieve more.

Our proprietary TRAITS tools captures, stores and processes the personality data that provides the insights required for all key people decisions – beginning with selection.

TRAITS is at the core of our recruitment process.

Organizations from small to large, across all industries, in North America and Australia have implemented the TRAITS in their recruitment process and grown their businesses.

When people fit their roles, more is possible.

By incorporating TRAITS into the search process you can:

  1. More accurately define the productive behaviours required for top performance.
  2. More quickly identify those that most closely reflect those requirements.
  3. More frequently experience motivated and engaged employees.

Achieving your dreams and objectives is DIRECTLY correlated to the kinds of people you bring on board. If you don’t surround yourself with people who fit their role, you’ll end up spending too much of your time filling the gaps yourself.

How can you start to hire better performers? Leverage our tools or hire one of our recruiters to run the process for you.

Concord’s radical approach to recruitment – leveraging the power of the TRAITS tools – makes you better at hiring top talent.

You are not at your best as a business, until your people are working at theirs.

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