Finding top performers is the #1 priority of anyone hiring for their organization.

Unfortunately, it’s also one of their more frustrating activities since they often find that:

  • Resumes are unreliable.
  • Interviews are subjective.
  • References are biased.

The standard approach is a time-consuming process that often ends in disappointment.

Obviously, there is something wrong. More accurately, there’s something missing.


Two factors in hiring that many overlook and few take seriously:


  • The personality of the job. Every job has “personality” – a distinct combination of characteristics that are most important for success in the job.
  • The personality of the applicant – more specifically, their core characteristics.

Why is information about personality traits so important?


  • Without knowing the kind of person a job requires, we have no way to evaluate or compare candidates.
  • Without knowing the personality of an applicant, we don’t know if they have the natural motivation to meet those requirements.


Resumes don’t provide it. Interviews won’t reveal it.  References can’t define it.


Without this information, the most important decisions a company can make for its ultimate success are left to gut feel and hope. It’s time to add more rigor.

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Concord has built a service with personality (traits) central to its process.

1. Identifying the "ideal personality" for the job
A clear set of required job behaviors provides a benchmark to which all applicants can be matched.
2. Selecting applicants who are a natural match
Those with the right motivational drivers will find the job activities engaging.
3. Interviewing for all factors that make the right person successful
Skills, education and experience tell us how well they can do what comes naturally.

Concord Search: Step-by-Step Process


Through a review of the job description, the intake questionnaire and a conversation with the Client, we create a behavioural benchmark that candidates will be compared against.


Using an enticing job ad, we leverage Job Boards to attract a large pool of candidates.



Each Candidate completes our Pro.file Survey so they can be accurately scored and objectively compared against the behavioural benchmark.


Those Candidates who fit the role most closely, are further evaluated for fit by reviewing their experience and skills.


Top Candidates are interviewed by Concord to ensure well qualified individuals are put forward.


Concord presents Client with Candidates considered “top selections” in terms of fit – including those that may have unique potential for the future.


Clients are provided a full set of insights related to the final Candidate’s fit, on-boarding suggestions, motivational factors, management style, etc.



Companies who have applied this approach are more confident about:

  • What they can and can’t expect from each candidate
  • Why their final selection is the right fit
  • How to motivate and retain their new employee

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I believe this tool needs to be a part of every leadership team’s tool kit to see their strengths and fill in their gaps. It’s a critical piece of the recruitment process and is a major component of building a successful organization.
Bruce Lazenby, Former President and CEO | Invest Ottawa
We approached the Concord Consulting group to help us find a solution to combat some turn over in a specific role. With the help provided by the Concord team along with the Pro.file Performance Software we have now developed a new standard for recruiting as well as employee development.
Sean Lavin, Business Development Manager | Aircom Instrumentation Ltd.