Executive Recruitment

Perhaps one of the most common executive job recruitment mistakes we observe is a tendency to appoint individuals with great resumes, high intelligence, solid educational background, but with a Facilitator profile (a personality very effective in more institutional cultures or slower growing organizations). Deciphering if your applicant is a Facilitator is extremely difficult and is most often discovered in two ways; first is to place the person in the role and observe them over a long period of time, the second is through appropriate psychometric assessment of the executive.

Executive Assessment

The reason it’s important to understand and identify a Facilitator profile in a potential executive during the recruitment phase is because Facilitators are “safe” – they won’t push the pedal to the metal, but they will brake at every “off ramp” to make sure they’re still going in the right direction. The Pro.file People tool is an important executive assessment tool that helps in evaluating how qualified candidates will “fit” the leadership style and growth expectations of your company and therefore significantly increase the likelihood of successful performance.

Explore how the Pro.file pre employment test helps organizations with executive recruitment by defining the type of leadership required with the Pro.file Organization tool, and then leverage the Pro.file People tool to gain important insight into their applicants.

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