Personality Test

Personality tests online are of great benefit to organizations because they provide a convenient process to objectively evaluate either employees or applicants. Using a personality test with applicants helps managers and HR professionals more objectively and comprehensively evaluate how the applicant’s strengths and motivating factors will fit within the role and the organizational culture.

Using online personality tests with employees provides rich insights into their traits, behaviours, and potential to assume new or different responsibilities. It helps managers and HR professionals understand how an employee perceives their role and the degree of stress they may be experiencing in carrying out their responsibilities.

TRAITS is a sophisticated online personality test designed to measure the seven most important work place characteristics:

  • Assertiveness – the ability to lead, follow or facilitate, based on one’s natural risk orientation and level of need to exercise control over others/situations.
  • Sociability – the ability to be task-focused and analytical, people-oriented and relationship focused – or a bit of both, based on one’s level of need to interact with and/or influence others.
  • Patience – the ability to multi-task and handle fast-paced activities, or take a more methodical, step-by-step approach, based on one’s openness to change and level of need for system and predictability in their environment.
  • Detail Orientation – the ability to be very “hands-on” with most activities, or to delegate and take a “big picture” approach, i.e., to be strategic or operational, based on one’s level of need for structure and orderliness.
  • Behavioral Adaptability – the ability to modify one’s behaviors to interact with a wide range of individuals and maintain those behavioral modifications for an extended period of time, or just a short period of time.
  • Emotional Control – the ability to be sensitive and empathetic versus logical and rational – or some of both, based on one’s level of need to express emotion.
  • Creativity – the ability to be original, “think outside the box,” or to maintain a more conservative/practical approach, based on one’s natural level of inventiveness.

Assessing Employee Personality Traits

TRAITS is a personality traits-based employee assessment process that provides employers and employees with rich and accurate insights into an individual’s potential (career development and succession planning), team orientation and team contribution style, leadership or management style, problem-solving orientation, ability to change and initiate change, risk orientation for important decision-making situations, as well as other important performance related insights.

 To learn more about online personality tests and how TRAITS can help your organization better utilize its talent, please contact us today.

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