Psychometric Assessment

One of the key reasons employees leave a role is because of a poor “fit.” Fit has more to do with an individual’s behaviours & attitudes then their education or experience. Understanding these attitude dimensions in an individual is invaluable when employers are evaluating applicants for recruitment and psychometric assessments are objective, scientific ways of measuring them.

The more insight an employer/manager has from a psychometric assessment, the more effectively they can manage, motivate, coach, career plan and succession plan for any and all employees. Psychometrics is the field of behavioural science that designs and develops assessment processes to measure important & innate dimensions of human personality. This includes behaviours or characteristics, aptitudes, motivation, and intelligence.

Psychometric Assessment

Key to ensuring that organizations can effectively utilize psychometric assessment is the ability to pre-determine the key behaviours and motivation that is necessary to carry-out a specific role in an organization. One can quickly perceive that very different characteristics and motivation will be required for a commission sales person versus a cost accountant.

TRAITS is a proprietary psychometric assessment process designed to help employers and managers accomplish two things:

  1. Define the specific behaviours and motivational factors for a role (TRAITS Job Model, Job Benchmarking Tool); and
  2. Measure applicants or employees against those defined benchmarks to confirm “fit” (TRAITS Assessment, Pre Employment Test).

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