DiSC Comparison

The DiSC assessment is widely used in North America by various counsellors, consultants, organizations and coaches to raise an individual’s awareness of himself. The DiSC profile tool measures a person’s style or preference and how the individual behaves in relation to his environment. Since the environment directly affects the input of the survey responses, a DiSC personality profile is most useful in applications like team building, communication and coaching. It becomes less useful in applications like recruitment as the environment has too big an influence on the results. A DiSC profile quadrant model makes the information easy to interpret, much like the TRAITS Communicator model from TRAITS.

TRAITS Assessment vs. DiSC Assessment

When an organization has more strategic applications such as recruitment, promotion, succession planning and career development, it’s far more important to uncover what a person is like at the core of their personality to more accurately predict how they will behave in the future. TRAITS Assessment tool measures an individual’s traits, and the enduring characteristics in a person that remain constant despite variation in circumstance or environment. Uncovering these core motivations allows organizations to make more confident human resource decisions and to more accurately predict future performance in any role in their company.

At the core of the TRAITS suite is TRAITS Job Model, which translates a job description into the ideal degree and combination of traits required for top performance in a role. This job competencies tool defines these ideal traits for any and every job in any organization.

Candidates or employees are then able to complete the TRAITS pre-employment assessment, which identifies the relative strength and combination of each of the seven traits measured by the tool. These results are then compared against the TRAITS Job Model in a company’s database to analyse that person’s level of fit to any role. The results are also very effective for team building, communication, coaching, self-awareness and conflict resolution. Understanding a person’s core personality provides great insight into how they’re affecting their environment.

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