Myers Briggs Comparison – TRAITS Assessment

The Type Indicator used in a Myers Briggs Test is designed primarily for understanding an individual’s behavioral preferences as influenced by their job, boss and organizational culture. It can have considerable change from one administration to another depending on those influences as some tasks or periods of time we’re required to portray different personality types, i.e., introverted or extroverted within our role. Certainly, this doesn’t mean it isn’t useful for providing some self-awareness or understanding of others.

For important applications like recruitment, promotion, career development, coaching, or succession planning, organizations should deploy a comprehensive performance assessment system. TRAITS consists of two performance assessment instruments and processes to more objectively and accurately utilize results. Myers Briggs Personality Tests are not designed for these applications.

TRAITS Job Model is a job fit assessment that enables leadership and HR professionals to perform job analyses to translate job descriptions into ideal behavioural traits models for every role in their organization. The behavioral traits models identify the exact degree and combination of characteristics that are necessary to be a high performer in every role. This is used for any position from entry level to CEO, and in any organization.

TRAITS Assessment is an employee assessment tool that generates an in-depth behavioral traits profile of applicants or employees and enables organizations to “compare” a person’s traits to a job’s traits and evaluate the “fit.”

For more information about how Profile Performance System personality tests compare to Myers Briggs and how TRAITS impacts organizational performance, please contact us.

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