Strengths Finder

Strength finder themes were developed out of research into the qualities of effective leaders. They reflect a topical approach to what the Gallup organization defines as talents. Organizations make use of strength finder themes to help individuals discover and describe their strengths and provide people with strategies to apply those strengths every day.

Assessment Tools for Strengths

TRAITS is an Employee Self Assessment instrument that dives several levels deeper to explore an individual’s personality traits. Traits underlie an individual’s talents.

Since TRAITS Assessments identifies individual core motivators, and generates a clear and accurate pattern of predictable behaviors, users find this instrument provides in depth insight into core motivation for a wide variety of practical applications. The “graphic display” of trait patterns presents a visual illustration of their relative strengths and combined influence. This helps to also “see” and understand how your traits and strengths compare and what the differences mean if you compare them to the rest of your team or organization.

The TRAITS Assessments tool is especially useful in applications like recruitment, succession planning, performance management and coaching. The tool helps clients to understand the implications of the various traits and how they affect how a person will do a job.

Clients use the TRAITS Assessments in combination with TRAITS Job Model, a Job Fit Assessment Tool, to analyze “fit,” identify gaps, and help managers understand where performance may suffer. Strengths Finder is a tool to further help in the development of self-awareness and individual contribution.

Contact Us today to learn about how TRAITS describes the motivating traits behind your talents as described by the Strengths Finder and how this can help managers effectively utilize and manage their organization’s talent.

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