Building 360 Degree Feedback: The Book

This break-through book was the first to focus on the specific “how to” tips and techniques for designing, developing, and delivering more effective 360-degree feedback assessment tools. It was designed for people who want to create their own 360-assessments and for those who want to revise and build more effective performance-related assessments. Building 360 has won 2 USA and 1 International book awards.

What’s inside


  • Building 360 includes dozens of client-proven best practices and examples for getting your feedback assessment right the first time.
  • A proven, structured, step-by-step format that guides you through the essential process for creating dynamic assessments for any target population.
  • How to identify and assess the behaviors and practices that must be measured and optimized in an age of global competition.

Building 360 will provide decision-makers, project leaders, and managers of developers with a structured guide for designing, developing, deploying, and delivering a relevant and effective 360-assessment process.

Building 360 provides internal and external HR trainers and OD consultants with practical tools for how to build powerful performance-based assessments that work!

The Author

Larry Cipolla founded his company in 1976 and is a recognized pioneer in performance-based 360-degree assessments—and one of the first companies to integrate feedback with training and development, action planning, and pre- and post-assessments to measure individual effectiveness over time. He has published more than 350 articles on leadership and managerial topics, developed more than 300 multi-rater assessments for clients around the world, and presented white papers at international HR and OD conferences such as, the American Management Association (AMA), International City Manager’s Association (ICMA), American Society for Training and Development (ATD), Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), International Federation of Training and Development (IFTDO), and the National Association of Realtors (NAR-RMNI). He has also served as a Spencer Foundation Research Fellow at the University of Minnesota, an adjunct instructor at the University of Saint Thomas, and learning systems supervisor at the 3M Company.

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The program administered was sensitive to the time constraints of a volunteer Board of Directors, multifaceted and thorough in formula to align consistent messaging from within a nineteen (19) person Board of Directors, and distilled the results of the process into a direct, respectful, and valuable summary tool for any executive leader. The quality of the final written documents provided by Concord Consulting was only surpassed by the personal attention and direct coaching on the summary materials shared by DeWayne Fliss. This process, without question, was the most impactful performance review process I have undertaken in my career; you have set a new standard for my expectations.
Tim Reid, Past CEO | Northlands Coliseum
"Larry, thank you for taking the time to visit with me this morning.  It was helpful, informative and thought provoking!  This is a great service provided to ICMA membership!"
360 Feedback - ICMA, City Manager | City of Ottawa, Kansas
Without the deep human behavioural analytics that came with Concord’s survey, we would not be as far along in our growth trajectory as we are today.  I would certainly recommend Concord Consulting to any company who is motivated to succeed in their growth with “right people in the right positions doing the right things right.”
Isabelle Graveline, President & CEO | Kilmarnock Enterprise
Hiring: make better decisions with drastically increased fit and job performance. Organizational growth: see gaps at different levels and what is needed to fill the gaps. Long term damages: identify potential "non-fits" faster and move them to a position where they are effective .... Sustainability: help bring the company from Good to Great.
Chris Decock, Owner / COO | Hudson's Canadian Tap House
During my three years of utilizing the TRAITS tools it has created a strong platform for an HR professional to identify top talent. The greatest investment we can ever make in our organizations is an investment in our employees. TRAITS is the first step to doing this and preparing for the future as it emerges.
Adam J. Miller, Global HR Professional | Private Equity
We have been building and growing our business at a fairly rapid pace and our challenges are in the area of management, recruiting, organizational and employee development, and succession planning for the organization.  Our team has embraced the program and we use the system daily in planning and managing our business.  This tool has added significant value to Strike.
Stephen D. Smith, President & CEO | STRIKE Energy
We made the decision to only hire candidates who were a match for our job models based on the TRAITS Assessment results. As a result we saw the turnover rate on new hires greatly improve. This is a dramatic change for us and TRAITS is a big reason why this significant turnover reduction has happened.
Joe Laratta, Corporate Recruiter | S.i. Systems
TRAITS allows us to identify those that don’t fit our job models early so we don't spend too much time with those that don't fit. We’re an aggressively growing auto group and we need certain types of people to help us reach our goals. We save time and bottom line dollars every time we find someone who simply won't fit into our culture.
Jared Priestner, President | Go Auto
In addition to TRAITS we examined several other systems. The reasons for choosing TRAITS were: Internal assessments have consistently put the accuracy of the reports in the 8-10 out of 10 range, the information is relatively brief and to the point as more extensive reporting is not always useful, the visual aspect of the graphs give the profiles additional depth and enable the report to be read quickly.
Michael Scott, Chairman & CEO | Precision Biologic