Why PRO.FILE Agent?

For over 22 years, Concord Consulting has been helping grow organizations with our strategic planning and organizational design processes, coaching and training. A common thread through all of our work has been the Pro.file tools, and our insight into people’s performance orientations. The power and insight from these tools has allowed us to forge deeper relationships with our clients and to expand our business throughout Canada, the United States, Australia and into Europe. It only made sense to develop a model that would allow other consultants to benefit from the tools, like we have.

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We’ve built a sustainable business based on the insights of the. Pro.file Performance System. We want to help you do the same!
Simple Pricing Model
Our monthly fee gives you the power to deploy the tools in a way that fits your needs. You decide how to package and price your offerings.
Agent Support
We’ve grown our business by using the tools and insights to help our clients. Let us help you do the same.
Build a Recurring Revenue Stream
License Pro.file to your existing clients to decrease administrative time and increase your ability to generate revenue.
Accesible Online Platform
You can access your Pro.file site online anywhere and at anytime.

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We help organizations achieve clarity so they can recruit, hire and retain the most productive workforce.

We’ve built a sustainable business based on the insights of the Pro.file Performance System.  We want to help you do the same!

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I have been using the Pro.file Performance System assessments since 2003. The Pro.file People tool is a valuable resource in our toolkit when providing H.R. services to clients including recruiting, succession planning, team building and maximizing employee engagement based on natural traits versus job requirements and fit. Over the past 10 years, the Pro.file has become a valuable resource in my leadership development and coaching programs. In comparison to other tools, Pro.file People is much easier for us to distribute and interpret. Candidates and /or employees find the assessment easy to complete which creates more accurate results.
Ralph Kison, President | Kison Inc. & Growth Through Learning Inc
The Pro.file tool has enabled me to effectively build trusting relationships with leadership teams and my executive coaching clients. It has long been an integral part of our leadership programs, and is one of the reasons one of our programs was recognized as one of the Top 10 Leadership programs in North America by HR.ORG.
Daryl Johnson, | Johnson and Associates
In short, in my long career I have used just about every tool in HR that could be used. Concord Consulting’s suite of profiling tools remain the engine that drives my success and continue to make a genuine and positive difference to those I interact with in my consulting work.
Carmel Macpherson, | Role Affinity
The results were remarkable. All of us have used numerous psychometric testing instruments during our careers and we all agreed that this was unequivocally the best we have ever seen. The results of the analysis of each team member was accurate, insightful and in some cases seemingly prescient. The analysis left no doubt about what we needed to do and how critical it was to do if we are to succeed.
Nick Martyn, Founder & CEO | RiskLogic