What does the “right fit” even look like?

The Pro.file Job Fit Assessment Tool translates a job description into a set of behaviours that are required for success in that role. Once a job fit assessment has been completed internal or external candidates can be compared and ranked against that model according to their personality traits fit.


Are your hiring managers clear and in agreement about what success looks like in the role?

Most job descriptions describe what needs to be done but don’t describe the type of person required to do them. When you’re not clear and you get the wrong type of person you most often point to a lack of fit. The employee had the experience to do the job but couldn’t consistently exhibit the behaviours needed to be successful.

The job fit assessment inspires discussion around what behaviours a person needs to demonstrate consistently, over time in order to achieve success. It creates an objective benchmark which creates more consistency in hiring and ensures a better job fit for the company and culture. Over time, multiple Job Benchmarks also helps to create a career path for the progression of employees within your organization.


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Is Job Fit right for you?

How do you consistently find and hire good fits?
Pro.file Job Fit ensures there's a clear benchmark of what's best for the organization; managers are then able to hire for these standards.
Not sure what success looks like for a specific role in your organization?
Pro.file Job Fit inspires discussion around what success really means in a role. Our job analysis tool provides a framework to guide managers to an objective evaluation of what works, and what doesn't, to define the right skills and traits needed for ultimate performance a role.
Do you have a clear understanding of the progression of any role in your organization?
Pro.file Job Fit helps you understand every role in the company; development paths for each employee can be built so each ends up in a role that is best suited for their skills and traits.

How Job Fit works

Build Job Benchmark

Through observation of current high performers and by using the job analysis tool, behavioural job models are built for each role. These job models clearly reflect the responsibilities and ideal behaviuoral competencies required for success in each role.

Analyze Against a Model

Candidates are then compared to the behavioural job model and a job fit assessment is conducted. This process ranks candidate from best to worst fit for the job. Individual results can be viewed to assess the gaps of each candidate.

Hire Successfully

With the job model in front of them, hiring managers can then make informed decisions; they can also review scientific, objective information about their pool of candidates.

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I have been using the Pro.file Performance System assessments since 2003. The Pro.file People tool is a valuable resource in our toolkit when providing H.R. services to clients including recruiting, succession planning, team building and maximizing employee engagement based on natural traits versus job requirements and fit. Over the past 10 years, the Pro.file has become a valuable resource in my leadership development and coaching programs. In comparison to other tools, Pro.file People is much easier for us to distribute and interpret. Candidates and /or employees find the assessment easy to complete which creates more accurate results.
Ralph Kison, President | Kison Inc. & Growth Through Learning Inc
In short, in my long career I have used just about every tool in HR that could be used. Concord Consulting’s suite of profiling tools remain the engine that drives my success and continue to make a genuine and positive difference to those I interact with in my consulting work.
Carmel Macpherson, | Role Affinity
Our business has benefited greatly from the plan we developed with you and your team. With our plan we have achieved a number of the key strategic initiatives. We have reached our 3 year goal of $xxx,xxx,xxx in revenue in two years, implemented our Business Enterprise System, restructured and strengthened the organization, completed an acquisition in our Production Services Group and have positioned the company for the future.
Stephen Smith, President & CEO | Strike Energy Services
We have begun to focus more on the Pro.files of those employed by Nilex where we have begun to explore why some are more successful than others in doing in their job, who is in the right role today, who might be a better fit for another position, which individuals have the potential to grow into management and leadership positions over time and how do we best motivate and engage our people.
Chelsea Hartmann, Director, Human Resources | Nilex
When a staff member expresses a desire to take on a new role or career direction with HammondCare, we utilize the Pro.file Organization tool to compare to the individuals Pro.file People results. This information empowers the individual to determine whether a career change they desire is a good fit with what comes naturally to them.
Jacqui Gulczynski, Head of People Services | HammondCare