The problem with today’s typical hiring process:

  • You can spend hours looking through resumes – but they don’t tell you much about candidate personalities.
  • If you have two candidates with the same resume, there will be a difference in performance based on their personality.
  • You will waste a lot of time and money trying to change someone if you select the wrong personality for the job.

Hiring managers and HR teams are looking for ways to:

  • Save time screening for better candidates
  • Analyze the person/job fit and understand the risks
  • Learn more about how candidates are naturally motivated
  • Spot candidates that have potential for future roles


Screen2Fit is not a recruiter. It is not a resume reader.
It doesn’t conduct interviews or replace them.

Screen2Fit is an applicant screening process
that helps you find candidates that best fit your job.


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How Screen2Fit Works

Determine the best personality for the job
  • Helps managers be objective about job requirements
  • Gets everyone on the same page
  • Clarifies the meaning of high performance for every position
Assess candidates personalities
  • Our tool eliminates subjectivity
  • Candidates fill in their survey while you do other things
  • You get more data to help with your decision
Review everyones fit to the role
  • Rank candidates by their fit
  • Determine which resumes are worth reviewing
  • Interview candidates that fit the job
Will naturally exhibit behaviors required for the role
Will have to turn themselves inside out to meet job requirements
legend-candidateCandidate    legend-jobJob Requirements

Personality First, Resume Second

Organizations typically screen candidates based on what they see in a resume. The problem is that resumes aren’t a good predictor of future performance or fit. Once hired, organizations too often spend their efforts trying to make people fit a role by trying to change something they can’t – personality. Pro.file allows organizations to screen candidates based on personality first so managers are spending their time with people who fit the role rather than those who just say they can.

Hire Smart, Faster

Identify what the perfect fit looks like. Don’t waste resources recruiting, training and developing the wrong fit for your business. Simplify applicant screening by matching to your benchmark personality traits. Eliminate those who don’t match.

Improve Productivity

See drastically improved productivity in roles where the right match has been made. Sales, operations, accounting, every position requires a certain kind of personality for optimal performance. Find the right person and let them get to work.

Reduce Turnover

Match an individual’s strengths and motivational drives to the job to produce an immediate fit and create job satisfaction. Motivate your employees to stay.

Screen2Fit process

  • Click here for a video demo of the Screen2Fit Process
  • Send us your job description
  • We’ll set up a phone discussion with the hiring manager/HR to review the role
  • Confirm the model and we’ll send you a list of interview and reference questions
  • PDF list of every applicant ranked against the job
  • Detailed graphical comparisons and text reports of the 10 best fits
  • A telephone interpretation session of your final candidates results

Interested in Some Free Help?

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During my three years of utilizing the TRAITS tools it has created a strong platform for an HR professional to identify top talent. The greatest investment we can ever make in our organizations is an investment in our employees. TRAITS is the first step to doing this and preparing for the future as it emerges.
Adam J. Miller, Global HR Professional | Private Equity
We made the decision to only hire candidates who were a match for our job models based on the TRAITS Assessment results. As a result we saw the turnover rate on new hires greatly improve. This is a dramatic change for us and TRAITS is a big reason why this significant turnover reduction has happened.
Joe Laratta, Corporate Recruiter | S.i. Systems
TRAITS allows us to identify those that don’t fit our job models early so we don't spend too much time with those that don't fit. We’re an aggressively growing auto group and we need certain types of people to help us reach our goals. We save time and bottom line dollars every time we find someone who simply won't fit into our culture.
Jared Priestner, President | Go Auto
[Concord suggested we] … use Screen2Fit and have more candidates run through the assessment prior to bringing them in for an interview. The results were amazing. The changes resulted in our organization hiring 2 new candidates in New Business development where prior to Screen2Fit we struggled to find even one suitable candidate.
Roland Hanzek, | Zeemac Vehicle Lease
We approached the Concord Consulting group to help us find a solution to combat some turn over in a specific role. With the help provided by the Concord team along with the TRAITS Tool we have now developed a new standard for recruiting as well as employee development.
Sean Lavin, Business Development Manager | Aircom Instrumentation Ltd.