Have You Been Struggling With Finding the Right Person for Your Job?

3 Type of Behavioral Questions for Every Level of Your Organization


If You Have, We Can Help!


If you’ve been struggling to find the right person for the right job, it’s critical to look at your interview process. Research has shown that managers’ success rates in picking the most qualified person for the job using unstructured interviewing and selection techniques are very low.

Good management skills might bring marginal employees up to acceptable standards, but no amount of coaching, training, or development can bring an ineffective employee up to the level of performance you need for success.

In order to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to increase the reliability, validity, and fairness of your recruitment and selection process, we would like to offer you our informative guide to behavioural interviewing!

At Concord, we recognize that fewer business activities are strategically more important than consistently hiring the right person for the right job! After downloading this guide, you will have the tools needed to hire the right person the first time.


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This guide will provide you with actionable steps that will improve your interviewing strategy immediately!