Healthy organizational growth is never an accident. It’s intentional action.

Various factors may boost business temporarily e.g. a clever product, high demand or favorable reviews.

The challenge for leaders is to balance all factors (internal and external) in a way that works for their business, in their market in their time. This is not a simple exercise, but essential for strong, stable growth.

Fortunately, there are skills and processes which leaders can build to gain a clear picture of their current situation and plot a practical course toward a desired future.

Without following a process, executive teams can get easily sidetracked by distracting opportunities, which disrupt the flow of business and lead them off course. Alternatively, their time is consumed by crisis management and the operational demands of everyday business.

Concord has guided hundreds of executives and their companies through a process which is realistic and truly strategic.

This program includes six hours of pre and post work and a two day (16 hour) training workshop that helps senior leaders develop their skills and abilities to ensure the growth and sustainability of their organization. A comprehensive summary and survey report is provided for use both during the training seminar and as ongoing reference thereafter. Workshops are for five to eight participants.

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