Effective Communication

Create more productive teams and healthy working relationships by learning how to tailor your communication and leadership style to suit the unique needs of your organization.

Training for Leaders & Managers

Managing people and relationships is one of the most demanding tasks and responsibilities common to all management and supervisory roles. Managerial skill in this vital area, more than anything, determines the success of an organization.

This requires Managers and Supervisors who clearly understand their own personal Style, how it impacts those who report to them, and how best to adapt their Style while interacting with employees. The better they understand these interactions, the greater are their chances of improving cooperation, increasing output, and inspiring energized performance.

Concord Consulting communication training helps leaders and managers better identify and understand the differences between various communication styles and how to choose the most effective approach for teams. By understanding these differences, leaders can identify potential communication gaps and develop practical strategies to increase productivity.

Our communication training can help you:

  • Create clearer lines of communication
  • Increase levels of trust
  • Improve team morale

Contact us for further information on how our assessment and consulting services can help your organization sharpen its abilities in leading and managing diverse styles in your organization.

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The Pro.file tool has enabled me to effectively build trusting relationships with leadership teams and my executive coaching clients. It has long been an integral part of our leadership programs, and is one of the reasons one of our programs was recognized as one of the Top 10 Leadership programs in North America by HR.ORG.
Daryl Johnson, | Johnson and Associates
During my three years of utilizing the Pro.file system it has created a strong platform for an HR professional to identify top talent. The greatest investment we can ever make in our organizations is an investment in our employees. The Pro.file system is the first step to doing this and preparing for the future as it emerges.
Adam J. Miller, Global HR Professional | Private Equity
I believe this tool needs to be a part of every leadership team’s tool kit to see their strengths and fill in their gaps. It’s a critical piece of the recruitment process and is a major component of building a successful organization.
Bruce Lazenby, Former President and CEO | Invest Ottawa
We find the profile tool to be a great starting point to facilitate team building discussions and career conversations with our staff. Not everyone is the same, and the profile tool highlights this in a non-invasive way. It provides the platform for HammondCare to have open and honest conversations with staff about how a certain personality trait may frustrate another and how to manage this in the workplace, be self-aware, and considerate of other employees. It’s also a great way for managers to get to know their staff better, by understanding what motivates them in the workplace. It removes a lot of the guess work!
Jacqui Gulczynski, Head of People Services | HammondCare