Training for Hiring Managers & HR

The TRAITS Certification is a two day training session that shows organizations how they can effectively integrate the TRAITS tools into recruitment selection, employee promotion, development, coaching, management, leadership development, employee retention and succession planning initiatives.

Evaluate, hire, and manage (smarter)

Participants will learn how to identify and measure personality characteristics required for optimal performance in any position, with the TRAITS tools.

This training session will give participants the ability to:

  • Better understand how certain personality characteristics correlate to optimal performance and success in any position
  • Recognize how various positions require various behavioural attributes
  • Learn how to compare candidates with a “traits fit” evaluation
  • Objectively understand an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and motivational needs in relation to specific jobs
  • Predict with more accuracy a candidate’s on-the-job performance and potential
  • Learn which leadership styles will be most effective for different personalities
  • Learn about your own communication and work style, how you affect other people, and how to maximize your talents and abilities.

Participants of this training session will receive a comprehensive manual as an ongoing reference for the TRAITS tools. Our training sessions have helped many managers, entrepreneurs, and HR professionals improve their hiring process and decrease staff turnover.

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I believe this tool needs to be a part of every leadership team’s tool kit to see their strengths and fill in their gaps. It’s a critical piece of the recruitment process and is a major component of building a successful organization.
Bruce Lazenby, Former President and CEO | Invest Ottawa
Our team has embraced TRAITS and we use the system daily in planning and managing our business. This tool has added significant value to Strike. The two-day session was time well spent and provided tremendous insight into our personnel strategy as we deal with the challenges of the future.
Stephen Smith, President &CEO | Strike Energy Services 2
Last night I reflected on the last two days and how valuable, intense and comprehensive the training was. TRAITS is so much more valuable than I ever imagined and I’m extremely excited about using it in our organization.
Jennifer Mills, COO | Precision Biologic Inc.