Increasing Team Effectiveness


Why it’s essential for success

Teamwork is essential to getting work done and seeing desired results. Increasing team effectiveness means clarifying goals, identifying roadblocks and learning to effectively communicate amongst team members.

An important factor involved in increasing team effectiveness is the identification of unique individual contributions to the team’s success. Learning the natural strengths and abilities of team members enables managers to more effectively select talent and assign responsibilities with less frustration and more realistic expectations.

The ultimate challenge is guiding a group of individuals with distinct communication styles and unique abilities towards a common goal. Concord Consulting works with managers and team leaders to help them:

  • Clarify team goals;
  • Identify those issues which inhibit the team from reaching their goals;
  • Address those issues, remove or reduce the inhibitors, and enable the goals to be reached.

Concord conducts an interactive Team Effectiveness workshop which helps participants understand their communication style, how it is different from others, and what they can do to improve the effectiveness of their interactions with each other.

Contact us to discuss a team effectiveness process that will address your realities, needs & objectives.

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During my three years of utilizing the TRAITS tools it has created a strong platform for an HR professional to identify top talent. The greatest investment we can ever make in our organizations is an investment in our employees. TRAITS is the first step to doing this and preparing for the future as it emerges.
Adam J. Miller, Global HR Professional | Private Equity
The results were remarkable. All of us have used numerous psychometric testing instruments during our careers and we all agreed that this was unequivocally the best we have ever seen. The results of the analysis of each team member was accurate, insightful and in some cases seemingly prescient. The analysis left no doubt about what we needed to do and how critical it was to do if we are to succeed.
Nick Martyn, Founder & CEO | RiskLogic
We find TRAITS to be a great starting point to facilitate team building discussions and career conversations with our staff. Not everyone is the same, and the profile tool highlights this in a non-invasive way. It provides the platform for HammondCare to have open and honest conversations with staff about how a certain personality trait may frustrate another and how to manage this in the workplace, be self-aware, and considerate of other employees. It’s also a great way for managers to get to know their staff better, by understanding what motivates them in the workplace. It removes a lot of the guess work!
Jacqui Gulczynski, Head of People Services | HammondCare