Leadership Assessment

Evaluating the true leadership potential in new candidates and even existing employees is a difficult and often too long ignored task. Most organizations encourage or insist that managers pick a successor and be deliberate about developing that person to one day take over their role. All too often we find that the person chosen for the role struggles when the level of accountability and responsibility is increased and their performance begins to suffer.

More often than not it’s not that the person doesn’t have an intellectual awareness and ability to assume the role but there’s something far more innate that’s causing them to struggle. TRAITS is a leadership assessment tool, used in part to test and understand leadership potential and whether a person is better suited to leadership in a technical/individual area or as a manager producing work through other people. There are varying degrees of both of these areas, from a highly experienced bridge design engineer to the CEO of a company, who may still be an engineer by trade but spends little or no time doing dx/dy work anymore.

The importance of leadership assessment tests

To assess the leadership potential of an individual it’s important to first understand the type and degree of leadership required in the role using the TRAITS Job Model tool. This tool establishes the job benchmark against which all applicants will be compared and can reflect the changing degrees of leadership from entry level roles to executive.

Following the establishment of a leadership benchmark, applicants to the role complete the TRAITS Assessment online questionnaire, enabling managers to look past the education and experience to see what drives the person. If there is a close match to the benchmark and following appropriate interviewing and reference checking, a development plan is built to fine tune their existing leadership abilities, and skills are taught to build their overall effectiveness.

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