Management Team Assessment

For the most part, there’s little objective assessment of a management team’s individual & collective strengths and weaknesses and how this impacts their approach to key business needs. TRAITS tools has a unique and objective process for defining individual & collective leadership styles through a management team assessment process, and then facilitating a one-day leadership development retreat to answer some of the questions below. This process will help to clarify management’s collective impact on the organization’s growth & future.

Leadership Team Assessment

  • What is their strategic versus operational orientation and how does that affect the growth trajectory?
  • How does the leadership team deal with risk, and how does that impact decision-making and direction to seize opportunities?
  • Is there more of a “task focus” or “relationship focus” and how does that affect internal & external communications?
  • How does the management team deal with “change” – is there a “change agent” orientation to their leadership style?
  • Is there an ability to develop creative solutions to problems or opportunities, and how does that affect your competitive advantage in the marketplace?
  • Does the leadership team work as a “team” or a collection of individuals – how does that impact interpersonal relationships & trust?
  • Is there a “leadership style” that the management team demonstrates, and how does it affect employee productivity & engagement?

See the first step to introducing this type of Management Team Assessment into your organization by reviewing the TRAITS assessment tool.

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