Team Assessment

Every team has two agendas: achieving their goals and improving their effectiveness. Team work assessments are valuable insights into the contributors and inhibitors of team effectiveness. TRAITS assessment tool is used in four primary ways to achieve these agendas:

  • To assist in the selection of the ideal individuals who will be invited to participate in a team that has a specific purpose or project (eg. Strategy vs. Implementation, Visioning vs. Planning etc.).
  • To more comprehensively understand the collective personality of a team as part of a strategic awareness session, how it’s perceived by others and how it works towards its goals.
  • To identify underlying differences that are contributing to performance or relationship issues.

To craft working relationships and communication strategies that improve team effectiveness.

Our TRAITS Assessment Tool

TRAITS provides a non-judgemental approach to help any team, executive, manager, or front-line worker increase self-awareness and effectiveness by understanding themselves more effectively.

Contact us to see how individual surveys are combined to provide incredible insight to increase team effectiveness.

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